Service Terms & Conditions

Use of our service is subject to the following terms and conditions and by making a reservation via our online schedule system or any other method (call, text, email) you must affirm the following:

You, the customer named during scheduling, either own the vehicle being serviced or have legal right to make maintenance decisions on the vehicle and acknowledge the following disclaimer.

If requesting Interior Services please check your vehicle to ensure that loose and especially small articles are removed or separated to prevent accidental vacuuming, etc. We commit to doing our best to work around your things and don’t expect that everything be removed but please do your part in helping keep your valued items secure. Also set aside magnets if possible. Unless otherwise instructed, for your convenience, we will remove obvious trash and separate receipts, etc. for safekeeping. We use certain crevice tools to reach tight spots but cleaning & detailing will only occur in REACHABLE areas and we will not remove seats, flooring or the like.  

Try and make the described vehicle available at the selected time and location. We understand plans change, please let us know if you are running late or need to reschedule for any reason. If booking through our online system you may cancel or change your appointment through the included link sent in the confirmation email up to 24 hours prior. Within the 24 hour window please call or text us to make an alteration. We make our best effort to keep our online schedule current and predict time slots accurately but understand that SCHEDULED TIMES ARE NOT GUARANTEED. Reflections reserves the right to cancel or attempt to reschedule for any of the following reasons: Inclement weather for certain outdoor projects, inability to get in contact with you, ill-mannered / offensive behavior, or unforeseen circumstances or delays. We will try and keep you updated as best as possible and offer our soonest available time to reschedule if either party needs to make a change. Please be aware our time slots work in (+/-) 15 minute windows, due to traffic or prior delays we may be a few minutes early or late and will contact you with an update when enroute. If a cancellation is made by you or us we will provide a full refund to prepaid services and do not imply any charges.

PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Our pricing model is based on the average materials & time required for your selected package on most vehicles. We may request an additional fee for extra work required for heavily aged or dirty projects. If we need to alter a standardized price for your vehicle you will be contacted for approval before service begins. Before starting a service we may request you to sign an agreement form. This agreement itemizes the scope of the service to be administered as well as the quoted cost of the service and your acceptance of payment upon completion unless we’ve approved a prior billing arrangement, in which the payment terms will also be stated. Whether or not a “service agreement form” is used, we will discuss the cost of service orally if any changes need to be made to your selected service.  Your written or oral approval constitutes a binding agreement to pay the stated price and by using any of our services to agree to all of the terms & conditions listed on this page. If payment is not made in full 30 days after service (or the agreed payment date), and several communication attempts have left the balance unresolved, we reserve the right to use legal action to collect the amount due. All services that leave behind any type of protection (ie. coatings, wax, interior protectants, window treatments, etc.) are subject to Florida state (6%) & county sales tax (Volusia: .5%) not included in the quoted price. After completion no refunds will be given unless we did not provide the specified work.

Please understand the risk involved in detailing. Do your own research to understand the inherent possible risks involved even when using a professional detailer. We make every effort to increase the cosmetic condition of your vehicle and commit to treating every surface safely & delicately but are not liable for damages resulting from certain factors out of our control during routine detailing processes. Certain older vehicles, for example, may experience paint failure when subjected to the heat required to polish out oxidation or scratches. In every case selecting a package that includes any type of buffing or polishing physically removes a percentage of the top clear coat or paint in order to resurface the damaged layer and remove oxidation, swirls, scratches, etc. This process can only be done a limited number of times until it is no longer serviceable and/or damage occurs to underlying substrates. This is why we highly recommend a proper protection such as a ceramic coating to create a tangible sacrificial layer on top of your paint. If future damage does occur in many cases it is correctable in the coating instead of needing to work with the underlying paint to restore its appeal. But understand that a coating is not an “impenetrable force field” and will not prevent all damage from your paint. We approach every project with caution and reserve the right to not attempt a selected service if it appears that a surface is beyond repair or unserviceable. Make an effort to let us know if any part is sensitive, broken, or loose so that we know to treat said area with extra sensitivity. We also do our best also to take before and after pictures and record any previous damage for our records or to show you if needed. If anything is damaged during service we will notify you as soon as possible and make arrangements to rectify the incident. Our business is limited to cleaning, detailing and ceramic coating and we do not perform any other work such as body/paint work, installations, or tint. 

Our Ceramic Coating packages are guaranteed to protect your vehicle for the lifetime of the selected plan, given the vehicle has been maintained according to the guidelines mentioned on our Ceramic Coating page. Reasons that a warranty may be invalidated include: not maintaining a proper wash schedule, using an abrasive car wash such as one with mechanical brushes, or having the vehicle buffed or polished after application without re-coating. During the warranty period, if your coating suffers environmental damage, contact us to schedule service and we will safely remove and reapply the coating at no charge. If an incident occurred that is not included in the warranty such as a collision, scratch, etc. and the affected area needs to be recoated after repair we can give you a custom quote for coating the area and bill either you or your insurance claim company, if applicable. We imply no other long term guarantees for our services.

We may take before and/or after pictures of your vehicle for advertising & promotion purposes. Your privacy is important and we try to remove any sensitive information such as license plates from our photography. If you would not like to have these pictures shown just let us know. Payment information is not kept on file unless requested. Your personal information used on the scheduler page is kept secure by the booking provider: Ltd. Click the “My personal data” link on the bottom of the scheduler page to view information stored by them or to request your data be removed.  Subject to their applicable terms and conditions:

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are committed to your satisfaction and try to provide a transparent, straight-forward and top notch service and would love to hear how we can better serve you.